How to connect your domain with your web hosting

This article will explain in details how you can connect your domain to a hosting service.

There are two ways you can connect a domain to a web hosting service. 

Easy method: Updating the nameservers of the domain

Most if not all hosting service will provide you with a set of nameservers for you to use it with the domain. This is usually the easiest method as any changes made on the web hosting service will be reflected live, such as adding of a sub-domain.

To update the nameserver simply follow these directions.

1) Log into our Client LaunchPad

2) Click on the Domains tab in the navigation menu and then My Domains

3) On the My Domains page, you will now see a list of your domains with us. Find the domain you want to make the change for and then click on the wrench (Manage) icon for that domain

4) Once the Domain manage page has been loaded, you should now see Nameservers in the side menu bar. Click on that and you will now be able to update the nameservers for the domain

Advanced method: Updating the A record for the domain

This method is useful if you just want to point one domain/sub-domain to a 3rd party hosting provider while maintaining your DNS records. Some SAAS service provider may also only provide you with a IP address which you need to point the domain to.   

To update the A record, simply follow these directions.

1) Log into our Client LaunchPad

2) Click on the Domains tab in the navigation menu and then DNS Manager

3) Select the domain you wish to make the changes for and then Modify Domain

4) Once the DNS Management Console is loaded, click on the DNS Zone Editor tab and then select A

5) Now you should see your domain (For example; and the current A record (IP Address). Simply fill in the IP address in the Value field and then Save. Repeat the same for the www if you want to point to your web hosting/SAAS provider as well.

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